Sunday, 2 August -- -- -- Have a nice day and a happy summer ! ;-)

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Where am I now ?

# back from Santorin, Greece (Cycladic islands), some photos are coming soon, here...

# still enjoy the pics of Haute Provence below (lavanda fields, balloon riding, etc.)

What am I doing ?

# back to my office with plenty of work

--> just finished an article over Québec and Route des Baleines (Whales road along St Lawrence river)

--> and a little story over Nîmes, France and preparation of pics about Egypt

# some days on holidays before working hard to finish my guide book projekt ! 

# Hello to... people visiting the blog today from :

Russia, Thailand, France, Germany, USA, Belgium, Portugal... Hello to U and thanks ;-)

Haute Provence with lavanda fields (Valensole plateau), Forcalquier, balloon riding, nature, Verdon valley...

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Enjoy the bridges of Paris by night...

The bridges of Paris by night... at "blue hour" ;-)
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